…Equinox has set up E.I.Ch.E - The Equinox Institute of Chemical Engineers. In Simple words, the goal of EIChE is to produce globally competent Chemical engineers…

Maximizing Your Learning

“The Purpose of any training program is to deliver results. People must be more effective after the training/than they were before.” No wonder, an effective training program yields so many benefits, as listed below:

  • Results in an increase in Output/productivity
  • Leads to job satisfaction/Improved Morale
  • Trained manpower needs less supervision
  • Make the organization competitive
  • Better Cooperation and team-spirit
  • Lesser wastage of material and time
  • Reduces Attrition

Equinox lays strong emphasis on Training, both for developing its own work force and for developing public/client’s resources. All our trainers are practicing consultants and all our consultants are “students” at heart, who are continuously learning and applying new technology for projects at hand.

Equinox offers a wide range of courses, in Simulation, MES, SCM, APC, LIMS and Basic Chemical & Process Engineering. We also offer specially customized programs, tailor to your specific needs

Equinox programs have been well received by the industry. We have been conducting regular programs for many of our clients, year after year, which is a reflection of their satisfaction in our training and trainers!!

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