Industrial Internet of Things

...Equinox provides turn-key solution of connectivity from SENSORS to CONTROL ROOM and on to the BOARD ROOM coupled with intelligent, actionable analytics enabling the decision makers at all levels to make the RIGHT moves…


Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is emerging as a key component of digital backbone to digitally transform an enterprise by leveraging the rapid development in sensor technology, cloud and on-premise communication infrastructure, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based computing. IIoT involves deployment of wired and/or wireless sensors; supplementing the existing wired measurements and utilizes ML & AI to assist the plant operations in predicting process upsets, asset failure & validating maintenance schedules.   The IIoT Solution helps in proactive decision making. It is powered through predictive and prescriptive analytics, leading to increased uptime, improved performance and safety of the assets, reduced maintenance costs. It also helps in bridging the gaps between cross-functional processes and improving the agility of the organization.

Some of the key benefits of IIoT solution are:

  • Increased uptime of assets
  • Improvement in Asset Utilization and Asset Management 
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Stable operations leading to improved yields and product quality.

EQNX has a decade long experience and expertise in Plant-wide Information Management Systems, Data Reconciliation, Operations Management, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics and rendering KPI Dashboards using various platforms of various technologies such as AspenTech, OSI PI, Honeywell, Yokogawa, Indicus, Rockwell (PTC), etc.

EQNX is involved in IIoT projects including Proof of Concept pilots offering end to end implementation of an IIOT solution, tailored to the requirements of the customer’s business and industry. EQNX’s team is well versed with implementation of wired and wireless, battery operated connectivity solutions from OEMs such as Yokogawa, Emerson and several others addressing the requirements of hazardous zones in an Oil and Gas or Chemical industry.  The IIoT wave has taken the world by storm but for several companies there is still a great deal of uncertainty around what the Industrial Internet represents, how it might positively and/or negatively impact operations, and – most importantly – how those all-important first steps can be taken towards adoption.  

Equinox has a functional IIoT Lab set-up in its Pune, India office to demonstrate a typical end to end solution from sensors to the IIoT Platform including use cases. Equinox is open to collaboration with companies to help begin their IIoT journey.

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