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Process industry across the various sectors spanning from Upstream to Specialty chemical strives for improving the profitability under the continual pressure from various factors such as tightening environment norms, raw material cost, energy cost, competition, safety, shareholder expectations etc. In such situation, adopting newer technology and improving efficiency of plant - existing or planned - becomes critical activity to remain profitable and efficient. However, the cost of new technology could be high and risky requiring thorough testing and analysis before finalization. Process modeling and simulation using state of art validated commercial simulation technologies is an important step to de-risk the investment in the plant green field or brown field.

Equinox team’s rich, in-depth knowledge of various commercial simulation technologies and the experience in applying the simulation technologies in process industry such as Oil & Gas, Refining, Fertilizer, Power, Petrochemicals, Pipelines, Heavy Water Plants, polymer has resulted in repeated successful delivery of projects saving millions of dollars for the customer. The spectrum of projects delivered have covered almost all the aspect of process engineering such as process plant modeling, validating licensor technology, emission modeling, plant revamping and retrofitting, process control testing, energy/utilities optimization, safety analysis, plant costing etc.

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