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A world class R&D Center of a large national refining company runs more than 50 pilot plants for various research activities. Managing the voluminous data from various runs was a challenge!!

A typical experimental run in a pilot plant generates a large amount of data consisting of raw material quality, product streams quality and operating conditions, etc. And often a series of runs are taken with small variations in operating conditions to assess and analyze the sensitivity of plant output.

While storing, retrieving and disseminating this data is a challenge, its overall management and security poses another risk to corporates intellectual property.

Another significant issue is about the high level validation and analysis of the data being collected and enteres/stored in any system. The pilot plant engineers carry out basic heat and mass balance to not only validate the quality of data but to also compute other data of interest, like the yields and specific consumptions. Obviously the calculates results need to be stored along with raw data for future contextual analysis/correlation.

The data generated from the entire set-up leads to the development of large knowledge-base. However, frequently such data and/or derived knowledge remain only with the isolated groups within the center. To make matter worse, data is often stored in manual log-sheets or at best in Excel, hampering proper utilization/search/retrieval of data/information/knowledge.

PilotWorks has already been deployed at more than 50 Pilot Plants and Micro-Reactors, like the FCC/RFCC Pilot Plant, Cat Reforming Pilot Plant, Delayed Coker Pilot Plant, Steam Reforming Micro-Reactor, High Pressure Fluid Bed Micro-Reactor, and so on.

Equinox offers complete deployment, training and support services with the application.

A value based business engagement model supported with Rapid Implementation methodology means, that your center could be up and running in weeks!!

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