What we do

Equinox helps its clients in making actionable Decisions based on their own Data .…

What we do
Enabling your journey from data to decision

The decision support system, for moving from Data to Decision, comprises of two components :

  1. Software based Automation
  2. Implementation and Support Services
Our portfolio covers full spectrum of engineering software applications, across process and manufacturing industries. The range of applications include :        
  • Process Modeling and Simulation,
  • OTS – Operator Training Simulator,
  • MES – Manufacturing Execution System,
  • APC – Advanced Process Control,
  • LIMS – Lab Information Management System ,
  • SCM – Supply Chain Management ,
  • Engineering Design, Operability, Safety Studies,
  • OPT – Optimization.

We are adept in multiple software products in each of the above software applications.

We let our clients choose the software and just do the design and implementation. Or we can also advise on the best set of software to be deployed, for the problem at hand.

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