Equinox: A thought for your future

Equinox is a global IT Solutions and Chemical Engineering Services provider to the Continuous and Batch, CPI/HPI Manufacturing and EPC Industry.

With a modest beginning in 2007, Equinox, has covered many milestones in its journey.

Equinox today partners with the best in the world to deliver highly complex IT applications for the global process industry. Some of the leading names that Equinox works with include, AspenTech, Honeywell, Yokogawa, Schneider, OSI, PIMSOFT, QUINTIQ, ACCENTURE, SAP, to name a few.


Process plants are among the most complex structures that mankind has ever built. Worldwide, there are only a few companies with the cross functional domain knowledge (across IT and Chemical Engineering) needed to successfully deliver turnkey IT SOLUTIONS for industrial plants. Equinox is a pioneer in the development of customized process IT solutions, be it building steady-state models, dynamic models, operator training simulators, process historian, real-time data reconciliation, real-time optimization, supply-chain management, laboratory automation or any special purpose business need.

Customers in more than 15 countries around the globe partner with Equinox because they trust in our specialist expertise. Whether they need a small or big model; whether they want SCM, MES or LIMS implementation; our customers know they can rely on us to always deliver the very latest technologies.

After all, Equinox holds an in-depth experience of around 500 man-years and we are constantly delivering new applications to increase the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of our customers‘ operations. Because we believe in trusted, lasting relationships, we also ensure that new technologies seamlessly integrate into existing plants. Worldwide, Equinox has

  • Built over 100 OTS models,
  • Delivered 25+ innovative engineering design and operability studies, involving design/control/safety adequacy and/or capacity augmentation
  • Configured more than 500,000 tags in various historian
  • Configured 25,000+ sample points and analyte in diverse lab automation systems
  • Developed thousands of reports and operator screens across many applications
  • Integrated hundreds of process and business IT applications
  • Trained hundreds of client engineers

Moving forward, we continue to partner with our customers to collaboratively find the best solution along the entire Value Chain and lifecycle of plants.

Welcome to Equinox – a company that is different!!


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